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Thread: Should I update my PSP 3000?

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    Should I update my PSP 3000?

    I have a PSP 3003 with firmware 5.03 which I would like to hack. Should I stay with my current firmware and use chickhen (which I understand is semi-permanent) or upgrade and use the permanent version?

    I'd prefer to stay semi-permanent (as I understand this doesn't leave any trace on the PSP when turned off) but I don't feel strongly if there's a reason to upgrade the firmware to a later version.


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    If its not hacked go to the newest firmware 6.60 not permanent it has some extra features and it's easy to install

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    If you want a semi hacked PSP, not permanent, then upgrade to the latest 6.60 OFW from Sony, then install 6.60 PRO-B10 CFW on it. It remains semi permanent. Do not stay on 5.03 firmware. 6.60 hacked has more features. I have a PSP 3004 hacked with 6.60 PRO-B10 firmware and I play homebrew and my ISO backups on it very well. Or, you could consider hacing a permanent patch for your PSP.It requires you to upgrade to 6.20 OFW and then installing 6.20 PRO-B10 permanent on your PSP - Yes a PSP 3000!

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    Thanks - I updated to the latest version and it works perfectly. Very impressed. Thanks!


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