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Thread: Need help with WiiFlow

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    Need help with WiiFlow


    I have wii 4.3U.
    I installed a game into WiiFlow using the Wii and that is working fine.
    I am running homebrew and Wiiflow from an SD Card and my games are on a NTFS Partition on my HDD.
    The issue is when I place a game into the wbfs folder on the hdd using my PC, wiiflow is not seeing it there. I placed 2 games into the same folder that wiiflow placed the game I ripped into.
    I see it says on homebrew: iOS 58 v25.32
    I am a bit confused about the many different iOS'. I know I have others installed. Honestly I don't get what those are and I don't know which one I need to be using. That may or may not be related to my issue.
    I used Wii Backup Manager to put the games on my HDD.
    Any help will be appreciated!

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