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Thread: My homebrew ideas

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    My homebrew ideas

    My wii soft modding experience has been a slightly confusing but positive and worthwhile experience. I love the wii, and this has given new life to the console. I'm not a big gammer, so modding it was for fun more than anything. I haven't played a console game since 2 Halloween's ago. Lol

    I do have a ideas that could make the experience even better:

    A file sharing app that works:
    Wiixplorer is a bit over the top, trying to be like its own os.? It's FTP server doesn't work. Ftpii would be perfect. Simple and provides feedback. Except that doesn't work as well. I'm using the newest versions of each app to date, connecting with Mac os 10.7. It would be nice to not have to take the sd card out of my wii every time I want to add a wad or something.

    Classic controller emulation:
    Controllers are configured by the game of I understand correctly. I love the wiimote. But games like the New Super Mario Bros where you hold the wiimote is just retarded. The classic controller would work better in this case, but the game doesn't support it. An app that could allow you to select a specific game and override or emulate controls would be awesome. I use controller mate for Mac to emulate ps3 controller to keystrokes and mouse. Not sure of this is possible, but these are only ideas.

    Format drive for wbfs:
    WBFS for Mac had "format drive" disabled. Ok. It doesn't support wbfs files as well. WiiFusion for mac app works but has no format option. I like the wbfs format over fat32. File sizes are smaller and I don't have to part files due to the 4gb limitation. I need some way to format a drive! Even if wiiflow implemented it. Wiifusion should be able to do this. :/ I had to use a virtual installation of windoze 7 and use a different app to format my drive.

    Just ideas to improve the wii softmod. Comment of you would like to. I'm not an app programmer, but I do know what it entails. I do code some ruby on rails and would like to make that my profession.

    Thanks wiihackers!
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