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Thread: [Solved] Foreign object in Wii disk drive. :D

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    [Solved] Foreign object in Wii disk drive. :D

    Ok, I just did a totally noob thing. I wasn't paying attention and put my SD card in the disk drive instead of the SD card slot. Can someone tell me how to get it out (short of sending it in to 'N' to get fixed)?

    Please excuse my spelling,

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    get a piece of piano wire, make a L-shape "hook",
    power off the Wii, use the hook to remove the SD card out from the drive slot.

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    lol sorry just found that funny, how far in did it go? i've done something just as silly. i have my wii vertical and hdd vertical next to it i put a wii disc inbetween both of them thinking i'd put in the drive slot.

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    @Billy That may work, I'll have to try it.
    @Matt No need to be sorry, I even laughed at myself. It's pretty far in, and thanks for the story, it made me feel a lot better. Lol.
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    If its to far in to get out with a wire, you may have to disassemble it. There is a guide on here somewhere to do it. It's not that hard. But you will need a tri wing screwdriver.

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    Yeah, I thought of that too. I put a WODE in my Wii, so I'm not afraid of disassembling it.

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    I fixed it finally. I tried the hook idea, but no luck; Finally I had to take the Wii cover off, and open the DVD drive to get the card out. Mods, please mark as solved, I would if I could find a way to edit the thread title.



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