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Thread: sys check

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    Us sys check

    ok i am a big noob and i might have questions

    lets see number

    1. is there any thing i need to do to my iso's to be up-to date

    2. how can i get my wii to play off the disc channel fine on my back up games with out it saying error

    3. i dont think my priiloader is working cuz it says cant run on iso 236 aborting mission so i use 249 it it says my stuff is enabled but it dont do the stuff like block disc updates that sort of stuff

    4. is it sopose to run on iso 236


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    1. Everything is mostly up to date. D2x v8 has recently been release, but if you dont have any problems I dont see a need to update (jmo)

    2. Darkcorp, but it can be dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. We dont support it here simply because it can cause a lot more problems than the mod guide we recommend. Neogamma is just fine to use.

    3 and 4. Priiloader itself doesnt need any IOS. For installation change to IOS36. (It needs the ES_Identify patch, you dont have that on 236 but you do on 36)


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