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Thread: help help help zelda not working home brew

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    help help help zelda not working home brew

    hi mats i am relly confuse wana install home brew on my jap wii ,its chiped with d2sun v3 and software version is 3.4 today i try to install the homebrew but when i press the start the zelda game its hang and not starting so would you please help me,i search alot but still confuse..

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    clermore ok


    if it is burnt get a tru copy (rent it ) u r prbobly having problims from 3.4 something to do with the way the game is sined & u need 3.4 hack and u r suposed to move back after talking to the guy not start
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    but for the home brew i need the zelda and the zelda is not starting its just hang after stat meani cant walk back and the other methord is there no save file in my wii so tell me ho to start the game whatto do do ineed to change the disk its on pal and the wii i got is japnies and the chip i have is d2sun but i can run other games won pal but not this zelda one please detail help.please its the true copy boss .


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