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Thread: Article: Wiiflow MOD R203

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    Article: Wiiflow MOD R203

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    well the thing is that fix94 has done so many commit in one day so sometime it is hard to always keep track with the updates.. and now miigotu has come back and said that only r420 then got dml so currently have to wait anyway for new and proper wiiflow update.. oh wiiflow and wiiflow-mod re not forks anyway.

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    so do I just put a GC .iso onto my SD card and start it up?

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    how do I launch a GC game? I put an ISO on my SD card, but I can't see it in WiiFlow, I already installed the mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisplushado View Post
    so do I just put a GC .iso onto my SD card and start it up?
    No, you have to install DML first, then you have to run the iso through a converter, then you put the iso on the sd and start it up in Wiiflow. Complete with covers and all

    There is an installer to make DML installation easier, but get the latest .elf and drop it on the sd before runing the installer. Definitely has better combatibility

    Edit since you added a comment before I submitted:
    By mod, you mean DML? Did you get the newest rev 52? Once that is installed correctly, you have to cycle through to GameCube in Wiiflow by clicking the 2nd from the right icon on the bottom. It cycles through Wii games on USB, Wii channels, homebrew, then GameCube (you can tell by the icon changing to the gamecube "G" logo).
    If you are having trouble with DML, here is the guide to install it: but honestly i think the installer on the DML source page is easier.
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