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Thread: Priiloader 0.8 Beta 3

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    Priiloader 0.8 Beta 3

    DacoTaco has updated Priiloader to Beta 3. This new update fixes the problem with the new TR Wiimotes that were not working with homebrew. This update also has a few minor bug fixes.

    This is still in Beta, installing this is not recommended unless you know what you're doing or have Bootmii as Boot2 installed.


    Bootmii IOS booting option to menu and autoboot (handy for restoring and/or sneek)
    Support for all HBC title Id's
    removed need for ES_DIVerify
    killed the DVD spin bug (crediar forgot to close the dvd drive in ios)
    re-added online updating
    added our own installer (phpgeek's)
    Re-added the old black theme
    Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up or start system menu
    Added start of Wiiware/VC titles
    & much much more

    v0.8 : Beta 3
    * fixed random small bugs
    * new libogc -> new wiimotes supported

    v0.8 : Beta 2
    * fixed loading compressed dols
    * fixed title menu crash
    * fixed installer some more
    * Dropped language mods.
    * set black background as default
    * added argument + ahbprot support for dols
    * all dols use IOS 58,61 or 38(with ahbprot)
    * EasterEgg removed
    * Gecko output will now be dumped to fat:/prii.log[/SPOILER]

    Download Priiloader 0.8 Beta 3
    Source- DacoTaco
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