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Thread: Wiihacks is the best. Is there any relation to PS3hax?

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    Exclamation Wiihacks is the best. Is there any relation to PS3hax?

    I've been looking for a website that offers the same support in the form of guides and tutorials for the PS3 and I was wondering if wiihacks is a 1 console pony or do they do any work on PS3 and XBOX?

    No other site offers such help and I was wondering if anybody knows what would be the wiihacks of the PS3?

    BTW, My grandma(age 62) hacked the wii using wiihacks and shes never even owned a cell phone. Is there anything that GOOD for the PS3?

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    Have a look at the sections on this forum - there is actually a section for PS3, XBOX 360 and the DS, not to mention the older XBOX and the PSP.

    As for the simplicity of softmodding the PS3, most people here would agree that the wii is the easiest of the current-generation consoles to softmod. The PS3 is harder, and can only be softmodded if it is a very old model.

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    I think that is great that your grandma hacked the Wii. LOL.

    The ps3 is simple to softmod, if you are on firmware 3.55 or lower.

    Otherwise you need a hardware flasher and a ps3 that can be downgraded to 3.55.


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