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Thread: Prii/Preloader Is It Worth Having

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    Prii/Preloader Is It Worth Having


    Just a bit of background I originally tried installing prii/preloader back in 2009 and ended up with a bricked Wii which cost me 30 for Nintendo to fix it (I used the excuse an update did it lol lucky me they didnt find the real reason) However From everything I've seen a lot of people use it but I have had a sort of phobia of it since '09. What I wanted to know is, is it worth having? what are the benefits from having it? I'm sure I could read this up somewhere but I wanted you fine peoples personal and updated opinion rather than looking up some aged topic that might be irrelevant now.


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    Yes it is worth it. There was a bug in 0.5 that caused some bricks. Since then that bug has been resolved and i have not heard of any bricking problems with 0.6 or 0.7.

    There are a few useful and cool features. Not only will it block updates but you can set your wii to autoboot a certain app if u want. Personally, i will never mod a wii without installing it.

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    Cheers, thanks alot I'll give it a try. Not much new coming out on the homebrew front these days so can't hurt to check it out.


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