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Thread: Problem installing WADs

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    Problem installing WADs

    Hi. I have an old Wii on firmware 4.3E and I've installed the newest version of the HomeBrew Channel. I've also (somehow) managed to install WiiMC.

    I'm a bit of a noob so please forgive me, but I've tried every WAD manager I can find and they all stop midway through installing the WADs. I've tried using IOS249 and a handful of other but every time it gets to the "Select Source" screen the Wiimote turns off. I've tried plugging in a GameCube controller to no avail. Can somebody give me pointers I spent all last night scouring the internet but it's all really confusing.

    I keep getting the error "ret - 2011", if that helps
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    Try reformatting your card with this utility


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