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Thread: How to play .wad games

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    How to play .wad games

    I just got the old wii softmodded.
    And I got software system 4.3e, wii flow and homebrew channel.

    What else do I need to play .wad games, except the games ??
    I want to play virtual console games.


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    You will need a wad manager, such as Multi Mod Manager. Just download the folder and place it in your /apps folder on your SD card.

    Then place the wad file in a /wad folder on your SD card (there may already be one).

    Launch MMM from the Homebrew Channel and select "load into another ios" and select 249. Then select "install wad" and install your wad.

    Your game should now be a channel on your wii menu. Enjoy!

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    Downloading of VC games in wad format is piracy. WiiHacks does NOT support piracy.
    If you had of read the forum rules you would know that. Hell, I thought isoguy knew
    that, but apparently not, judging by the way he has helped you.
    Thread closed.


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