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Thread: Updating USB Loader GX problem

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    Updating USB Loader GX problem


    I followed the guide "Updating USB Loader GX from v1.x to v2.x", up to the last line of instruction "...After deleting the old channels install the new GX forwarder channel using MMM or Wad manager 1.7", but my Wad Manager (and everything else) has disappeared, thus I cannot finish. The only things showing in my HomeBrew channel are the contents/files of my SD card from previous steps that I have installed. Can you help? Thanks.

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    I really dont get what is going on here. You are saying that you had wad manager and some other apps in the apps folder on your sd card and now they are gone?

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    No, they were seen in Homebrew channels. I followed the guide to update the HomeBrew channel and USB loader GX. I downloaded and put the necessary files on the SD card to load from Homebrew; I openend to HomeBrew channel and now only see the files from my SD card. I don't see WAD manager and other apps in HomeBrew channel anymore.

    If I am still being unclear, my next option is to start re-modding from the beginning using the guide here. Can I simply do that with the current state of my wii without having to clean up any files, etc.?

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