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Thread: DVD Drive: Necessary When USB Softmodded?

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    DVD Drive: Necessary When USB Softmodded?

    So I'm working on helping a friend hack their Wii, having done my own out if convenience (dig not changing disks); their Wii's DVD drive has mechanical issues. It's one of those horrible noise makers, click-click-clicking even without a disk.

    So I worked on it, using the DVD drive from my own Wii in theirs to use the Smash Stack. Success. With my drive still in, I backed up their games with the exception of her GameCube disks.

    I switched the drives back, and thought I'd avoid the noise issue by simply not plugging the malfunctioning DVD drive back in. The console loads with forwarders for USBgx, Neogamma, and CFG; all the bells & whistles are in place... Loading any game from the USB drive (300gb WD book) results in an error prompting to eject the disk and refer to the Wii owner's manual.

    I have three tacks I plan on pursuing, and am posting to solicit suggestions from the more knowledgable and experienced which of the three (or maybe something I haven't thought of) I should pursue.

    1) Rehack with Softmod Any Wii guide; it'll be easier since I don't need to use a game disk with HBC already functioning.

    2) Talk the owner into buying a replacement drive, though I'm trying to avoid this process costing her anything.

    3) If its possible, plug either only the pins or only the ribbon back into the drive, whichever could address whatever the problem is, and hopefully the other that remains unplugged would avoid the loud obnoxious click-click-clicking noise...? Obviously, I would need some guidance on the feasibility on that one.

    Many thanks, passed on from the 10 year old son who's been staring at his dead Wii for the past year or so.

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    All I know is the drive has to be present as it is physically activated during the game loading process

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    Ok, thanks! Sounds like rehacking would be a waste of time. The ribbon clip is not holding the ribbon securely; I'll see if it will have enough info with just the pin clip, but not optimistic. Likely will be getting a new drive.

    In checking prices, the lowest is $17 and change, but the average looks to be about $45. Anyone know if there is a difference in the actual products being sold? The $45 drives are titled "complete drive", whereas the cheaper ones' images look like they may be more bare-bones. I'm looking on eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon.

    She's down with getting a new DVD drive, which will facilitate any new games L'il Man might eventually get, as well as his existing GameCube games, so looks like issues with this hack will soon be a thing of the past. Ah well, I thought it was going to be a good way around a bad DVD drive for them; now they get an awesome hacked Wii! Win win, right?
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