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Thread: Big Mess. GOT STACK

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    Big Mess. GOT STACK

    Hello. I've got a CHIPED Wii Ver. 4.3E, a SanDisk SD Card 2GB
    and a Verbatim External HDD 200GB formated with WBFS Manager 3.0.
    I can add a game on the HDD but when I plug it the Wii
    don't "see" the drive. Nothing happens.
    As for my SD Card a add usbloader_gx and the Wii can "see" my card
    but Nothing happens Again.
    Please I need some help.
    Thankyou in advance.

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    Please post your syscheck

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    Please help. Where I'll find the syscheck so I can post it to you?

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    Yes it has a modchip but I don't know which one. Someone else put the chip for me. I only want to skip buying the Dvds and be able to load the external HDD with games and connect - play on the Wii.
    Thanx in advance.


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