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Thread: Softmodded Wii sd card corruption

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    Softmodded Wii sd card corruption

    I had my white Wii soft modded. It was running an older menu version, 3.something. I followed the guides to get it modded using smash stack. It had its sd card every program was on get corrupted. None of my channels would work. I did a factory reset on it. It shows system menu 4.1, hackmii and priiloader are still on it. My question is this: what do I do now? I almost want to just somehow put a virgin menu 4.3u on the Wii and letter bomb it to get it modded again. Is this possible? I do have a NAND backup.

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    Sounds like you need to re-mod it, next time don't do a factory reset.

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    How can I get the console re modded? I can't update to 4.3u because of priiloader. I try to Web update and it says it has the latest but it's only on 4.1

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    You don't need to update it to re-mod it here is a guide

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    Got it :-) used modmii to get the sd card setup and an easy guide. Is there a way to delete the news and weather channels?

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    Not that I know of but you can drag them all the way over to the right hand side so they're off screen.


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