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Thread: Semi bricked Wii - No NAND

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    Semi bricked Wii - No NAND

    So i helped my friend mod his wii a while back and all was going well.
    he ended up losing his nand backup and he said that when he tried to play New super mario bros wii something happened and the wii restarted and now he has a black screen. I believe that the mario game has a 4.1 system menu update with it.

    I'm quite confused with all these guides so which one should i follow to attempt to fix it? remember no nand backup at the moment.

    Thankyou for any help, if its a guide thats already written please point me in the right direction ^_^

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    Do you have priiloader installed and can you access it???

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    Does the wiimote power on the wii?

    Was he using some old beta version of usbloader gx v1?
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