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Thread: Mighty Channels Issues

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    Mighty Channels Issues

    I installed the latest Mighty Channels, but I don't see it on the Wii Menu. I can only start it from the Homebrew Channel. I believe I need Wad Manager to install the forwarder as a .wad, but it says you need a .wad file. Do I have to convert the .dol file to a .wad file, and if so, how do I do this in Wad Manager?

    Also, when I load some games from Mighty Channels, a box appears asking whether to return to the Wii Menu, as if I had pressed the Home button. Why is this happening?


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    There are a couple forwarders in the Mighty Channels Guide. There is also a lot of good info in there that may help you out too, go there, read, and ask in the guide if you still need help.

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    Thanks, but I can't ask any questions in that thread because its closed


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