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Thread: Rumor: Nintendo has tweaked the Wii U so it can run Unreal Engine 4

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    Rumor: Nintendo has tweaked the Wii U so it can run Unreal Engine 4

    Unreal Engine 4 is the next game development engine from Epic Games. According to Mark Rein, the CEO of the company that develops it (along with the previous incarnations which have been the back-end for hundreds of games), people will be “shocked” when they see it later this year. Only a few developers have seen it these past few days at GDC 2012. But we have some (potentially) good news:

    It might be coming to Wii U.

    The rumour begins on NeoGAF, where a user has stated that their friend has a source whose a developer within a company that does work “on pretty much every system”. And according to them, Epic has Unreal Engine 4 running on the hardware, with Nintendo specifically tweaking the hardware to make it happen.

    The main thing that separates this from other rumours we’ve heard is that it makes sense. Nintendo doesn’t want a repeat of the Wii in regards to third party support. If they can support Unreal Engine 4, which will surely be one of the biggest engines for the next generation of gaming, then it will only serve them down the line as more developers are able to bring their games to the platform. But maybe that’s just me justifying the rumour because I want it to be true. We’ll have to wait and see.

    You can check after the break to see the latest demo for Unreal Engine 3, codenamed “Samaritan”, that Mark Rein has implied will look like “crap” once Unreal Engine 4 is shown off. If you watch the video, you’ll see how exciting that is, and how brilliant it would be for the next engine to arrive on the Wii U.


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