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Thread: Hacked my wii but cant hack my friends need help

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    Hacked my wii but cant hack my friends need help

    please forgive me if this has already been resolved but i need help!! i own a black wii 4.3u and successfully hacked it a few months ago using the lego batman hack [dont have wireless at my house so cant use letterbomb hack] my problem is my friend has a white wii 4.3u and i tried doing the exact same hack with all the same files and i am able to get homebrew channel up and running but it seems somewhere along the way my cios is not installing properly or something because when i try to launch usb loader from wii channel it tells me to get the 222 or 249 cios installed and when i try loading it from homebrew i get the exception dsi occurred error. now when i launch bootmii prior and instal the wads it is successful on installing all of them. so idk what to do. like i said before my wii works amazing and was super easy to hack and run everything so i dont see whats so different. any help would be amazing and again sorry if this has already been solved, but i couldnt find anything that fit this specific problem.

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    You do not need wifi to use letterbomb, but that doesnt matter at this point. Are you following the softmod any wii guide? There is a link in my signature. Since you have HBC installed you can run a syscheck and see what ios/cios you do have installed at this point. I really recommend the softmod guide though, there is a link in my signature.


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