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Thread: How To Add Wii Game Iso's To My USB

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    How To Add Wii Game Iso's To My USB

    (sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didn't know what was the right section) ok, so my brother added abunch of games to my usb, and im able to play them on my wii so everything is right with my usb and playing wii games appearently, but when i put my usb in my computer i can only see my videos so i assume that's not where i put the iso's. what do i do? where should i add the wii iso's on my usb?

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    The easiest way is to simply use your wii to rip the original disc to the usb device.
    It sounds like your usb has a wbfs partition where the games are stored and your pc will not see it. Use wiibackup manager to transfer games to that drive if you dont want to use the wii itself. There is a link in my signature to WBM.


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