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Thread: Sigh. I'll never understand.

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    Sigh. I'll never understand.

    I am so far behind on how this stuff works, it's a wonder how I soft modded my Wii at all.

    Alright, I have 4.3. Did the Smash Bros Brawl softmod hack. Everything seems to work well. Emulators run, so I can't complain. But there is still so much that I just don't understand.

    Take, for instance, how my Wii can't read USB devices. I understand that I need this so called Trucha bug? And the USB Loader app. But the question is, did I already put that bug on my Wii. I downloaded the HBB app, that installs the ISO that allows USB reading. In it's description, it said that 4.3 allows this already, but it is for people who do not wish to update to 4.3. So why can't I use it natively?

    I did find out that black Wiis can not read DVDs, correct? So that issue is now not one.

    All these damn ISOs and Cios and Bios and wads and whatever the hell it is. I just don't get it. My brain is getting rattled and frustrated.

    I see videos of people having a channel for every emulator and game and it's I can read guides, sure, but considering my soft mod is done half assed, at least I feel it is, I'm sort of in a limbo on how to take the next steps in soft modding. I feel like I skipped a step or 2.

    I need someone to talk to, I'm about to just say f*** it.

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    Please keep your posts family friendly, you are dancing the line there.

    I don't know where you got your information or instructions to get started on your mod but now that you are here @ WiiHacks you can be sure to get the correct information.

    Start with the "must read for noobs" link that is in my signature. It will give you a lot of info about what you are doing. Once you read that, move onto the Softmod ANY wii guide that is linked in my signature. Follow that guide all the way through and you will have a wii that is ready to do all the things you seems to want to do. There will be other guides you will need after that one, but if you do not start there then you will continue to be frustrated and things will be difficult.

    Good luck!


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