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Thread: How can I play Gamecube games on my Wii?

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    Unhappy How can I play Gamecube games on my Wii?

    I have got USB Loader and Home-brew working, but how can I play GameCube games? And also, How can I burn games to a Disk to play them? As I prefer them seperate, I've only just got into Wii hacking today, So sorry for my Unintelligent questions, Sorry.

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    How old is your wii?

    unforunately, the newer wii's cannot play backup or gc games. I'm unsure if they'll play GC off usb though.

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    Uhm, I'm not sure, It's version 4.3e I think though

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    Make a post in the introduce yourself section. You will get an official welcome along with links and info about all the questions you are asking.

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    Okay, I made a Thread in the "Introduce yourself" section thanks.


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