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Thread: usb recommendations

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    usb recommendations

    Hi all, so I've successfully sofmodded my wii updated to 4.3. My next step was to go get a usb or hdd (if these are the same please pardon my noobness) I've seen the compatibility thread to see which ones are working. However, I'm not sure which are the best ones to get if available. Is there a name brand thats the standard and performs the best? Or does it really not matter, as long as its compatible? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hitachi 1tb works excellent for me, dont buy any hdd usb 3.0

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    WD elements is what i have.

    Usb 3.0 works with the Wii. In fact it is hard to find 2.0 in my area now. The 3.0 drives are taking over.

    I have modded a lot for people and seagate go flex and WD drives seem to be the best.

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    yes works in some wii i think, i post my issue some days ago with the go flex, the hard drive works 3.0 in my personal wii, but when i use other wii the game freeze, i change the port with 2.0 and game runs fine with the same hard drive, formated with the guide of fat32

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    Thanks guys for the input. So, if all I really want is to run backup game ISOs with my hdd am I correct in thinking that FAT32 is the way to go for setting up my hdd?
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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420
    WD elements is what i have.

    Usb 3.0 works with the Wii.
    +1 to that

    WD elements 3.0 works a charm!

    And yes, FAT32 is recommended as it allows you to store other files on your HDD (does not have to be dedicated to the wii)

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    +1 for FAT32

    and as for which to choose its like buying go for a brand you know and hope it will be better than a cheap brand.

    I brought a 1TB Hitachi but would of happily brought any of the WD drives it was down to price for me as the hitachi was better price per gig.

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    Hi Mike 02466, Depends how many games you own, as to how much you want to spend. a 160 GB portable drive, formatted to Fat32 will hold apporox 65 games in wbfs file type. available on the Internet quite cheap. All the setup tutorials are available on this Wiihacks site.

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    Just wanted to say thanks again for the input all. Opted for the WD 500 GB 3.0/2.0 Didn't see any 2.0 only. Did the FAT32 setup. So far so good. Backed up Mario Party with GSX and was impressed that everything worked properly. Actually was astounded since I am probably the least tech savvy of anyone on this site. Now can't wait to dig in and see what I can do. Thanks again


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