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Thread: Where to start with pre chipped/modded wii

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    Where to start with pre chipped/modded wii

    Hi all, I hope this post is in the right place so here goes..

    I've borrowed my sisters Wii which was chipped/modded (not sure which) a few years ago and basically want to get more games etc but mostly a Nes emulator and perhaps some other emulators.
    It has the Neogammer loader on which shows this info-- Neogammer R7, Ios249 (REV14) and it has v4.2E.
    I'm under the impression that you need the HB channel for emulators but when i try to run the hackmii installer i get a vulnerable ios error. I haven't recently updated so i assume its the modpack. This is on the homebrew faq

    In most cases, however, this means you have installed some sort of "mod pack" (we refer to those as "failpack") which leaves your system in a damaged state that interferes with our system scan. In particular, "cIOSCORP" is known to be problematic because some idiot decided it would be smart to take some old version of IOS, change the version number, and overwrite all other IOSes. Other failpacks are less destructive, but that still means its not a good idea to use them.

    You're basically on your own, for the sake of your Wii: get rid of the failpack.

    It plays dvd copies fine, havent tried usb yet.
    So I suppose my point is can I play emulators from dvd? Am i "missing out" on anything by not having HB. Do i need to change the mod pack? Should i update?
    Sorry if these are proper noob questions and i've gone on a bit but this is first time hacking a wii.

    Thanks, Ben.

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    I dont think you can run homebrew from a disc. Are you sure HBC is not on there already? Scroll all the way across on the channel screen, it may be hidden over there. how did you go about trying to run the hackmii installer?

    The softmod any wii guide would be your best bet to updating and being able to run all the things you want to use. There is a link im my signature.

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