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Thread: Random Signal Loss

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    Random Signal Loss

    So, I've only had my wii for about a week or so. Modded it with Mauifrog's Softmod any wii guide. The last day or two though, I've run into an odd issue... When my daughter is playing games through USBLoader_GX the TV will randomly say that it's lost the video signal from the Wii. The Wii is still on (green indicator) and the wiimote still syncs with it. However, no matter what I do it will not re-sync the video.

    Has anyone ever seen this before? Is there some sort of Diagnostic log that I can pull up on the Wii somewhere to see what it's doing?

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    Is the sound still on? It sounds like your cable may be disconnecting - or it may be faulty.

    Are you using the default red, white and yellow cable? Because those are not very reliable IMO.

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    Yeah, it's the standard red/white/yellow cable that came with the system.

    There's no sound when it does this either otherwise I would've suspected the cable as well. But I don't really see a brand new cable, having three separate conductors go bad simultaneously.

    To me, it seems more like something hanging in the games. I wasn't sure if there's anything of the loader running in the background, so to speak, while a game is being ran off the harddrive.

    I know that I can stream stuff from Netflix on it for hours without the video/audio dropping out. It only seems to do it while my daughter is playing games.

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    What HDD are you using?

    Usually games freeze when this happens, but your HDD may have a "sleep mode" (common with Seagate) which de-activates the HDD after a while when it's plugged into the wii.

    I don't think that this is the case, but this is the only other cause I can think of.

    Why don't you just try using another cable? I bought a component (the best quality - with 5 cables not 3) cable from a bargain store for about $10 AUD.

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    Yeah, I could try a different cable. But switching from RCA to component shouldn't actually get you any more quality over standard AV Cables with the Wii since it's GPU can't output over 480p anyway. I guess you *may* get a little more color depth or sharpness since EMI would affect the overall signal less being that it's going over more transmission paths... But it shouldn't be noticeable enough to justify buying the new cable.

    But I think you may have pinpointed the problem.

    What I have is a 1.5tb Seagate Freeagent drive. It very well may be going into some sort of sleep mode. I'll have to look into that more.

    Exact model Part number is 9ZQN8-570


    So, I got with Seagate tech support and obtained the utility to change this drive's sleep mode. It was set to like 5 minutes. I changed it to about 4 hours. I'll see what effect, if any, that has and post back.
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