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Thread: DSI with 1.4.3u

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    DSI with 1.4.3u

    I just purchased a DSI from ebay that is running 1.4.3u and I' m new to the scene.

    I bought the R4I 3DS Card and followed the instructions and loaded the latest firmware 1.53b from I'm not able to run the flash card, I get an error System File Is Missing.

    The version 1.4.3 shows that it's compatible on the website but I'm not sure if it is because it end in 'U'.

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Firstly the reason the DSi's firmware says 'U' is because it is a U.S region DSi, the region of the DSi doesn't matter when running an R4i card.

    Now onto the stupid questions, just humour me for asking:

    Did you check and double check the web address on the card/packaging to make sure it was definitely A few people have been caught out with, they see the packaging is near identical and automatically go for instead.

    Did you use the 3DS flash card specific firmware (R4i-SDHC are due another firmware update sometime this week if I have my dates right)? Make sure you go for the the 3DS one and not the R4i 1.4.3 firmware further down the page.

    If both of the above are done with no resolution then format the micro sd card (preferably with the Panasonic formatter which is recommended by R4i-SDHC) and start again.

    If you get it sorted and when you try to load the card you get an error has occured on the screen then you'll need to run the upgrade on the card using a DS/DSL/DSi with lower firmware. Simply load it in another DS and go to the icon on the far right which is configuration, in there you should find the upgrade button, then follow the onscreen instructions but don't let your DS lose power or it'll render the card useless.

    Hope this helps.


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