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Thread: A Tiny Problem

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    Question A Tiny Problem

    Hello There, I'm new here, as you can see. So this is my problem.

    I Installed HBC using Letterbomb.

    Installed USB Loader GX. ( I have the Channel)

    I don't Have A HDD or a Flash Drive with High Memory. So I decided to use my SD Card With 8gb. I put in a dapter and attached it to the CORRECT USB slot. I put 2 games In It. PokePark 2 and Wii Play Motion.

    So what happened was I Put them in the Wii And Opened USB Loader GX. It said Waiting for Slow USB Device Or Something for 30 secs. And there was a green color flash every 2 seconds or so. After that, it returned to the System Menu. I heard Somewhere that it was because Of Play Motion. So I put in Mario Kart 'stead. Same Result. For Any other info, ask me. I'm not into this stuff. Thanks A Bunch.

    EDIT:- Just went through softmod any wii guide, I don't think I did that "Install All Wads".....
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