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Thread: Hacking on 4.1U Wii

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    Hacking on 4.1U Wii

    Hi guys, I'm sorry I'm quite lost and need to ask regarding two matters.

    Firstly, how do I know whether my Wii is hard or soft modded? because I've been trying to use USB Loader GX, I use a 16gB thumbdrive formatted to WBFS and files transferred through the Wii backup manager. But everytime I choose the game on the Wii, it returns me to the Wii Home screen after several seconds. What's wrong?

    Secondly, if my friend's Wii can play copies directly through the Wii channel (i.e. without neoGamma that I use), what kind of mod is that?


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    USB Loader GX is softmod based. Your drive may not be compatible. Check out the Compatibility list HERE. You could also post a syscheck, using the guide below in my signature for reference.

    Your friend either has a hardmod, or is using Dark/cIOScorp (a softmod).

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