Do you have too many apps listed in your HBC? Do you rarely play apps starting with "W" anymore because it takes too long to scroll all the way down to there? Have you ever installed an app but never played it because it got lost in the clutter? Your misery ends now. Introducing, Categorii!

This app, when used effectively, will give the impression that the HBC has categories. How? By renaming your apps/ directory.
It will appear just like a regular app. When you run it, it will do it's thing with no input from you, and exit. When HBC comes up again, the apps in the destination category show up.

Download Categorii v2.0-TR
Source- Wiibrew

There are several different ways you could set this up.
You could have each category link to the next category in a big loop (games->utilities->demos etc. back around to games) (linked list).
You could have the same thing but have a link back every time as well (games->utilities->demos etc. while at the same time demos->utilities->games etc.) (double linked list).
You could have one category (lets call it apps_root) that consists only of links to all the other categories, and all the other categories would have a link back to apps_root (tree).
You could have every category linked to every other category (web).
Or you could have random links to wherever, and end up stuck in some category you forgot to link out of, or out of some category you forgot to link in to.


Open up your SD card and create a directory in the root for each category you want to have (apps_utitlites/, apps_games/, etc.).
Sort your homebrew from the apps/ directory to the correct category directories.
Put a copy of Categorii into each category for each link out of that category (more on this later). Be sure to give each one a unique directory name (categorii_utilities, categorii_games, ect.).
For each link, edit some files.
Required: Edit meta.xml
Recommended: Create an icon.png
Don't forget to rename one of the categories back to apps/ so that HBC can find it.
The included meta.xml is preconfigured for a link from apps_/ to apps_/ (nowhere). You will want to change this as needed for each link. A simple icon.png with the name of the destination would be a nice finishing touch.