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Thread: where to start?

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    where to start?

    I have done the softmod to my wii a couple of months ago using a lousy guide. I end up now having a weird setup that works only at times. I have done the letterbomb and installed homebrew. I also installed usb loader gx as 2 distinct channels on the Wii desktop. So I can get into USB loader, I must start one of them, that returns me to the Wii desktop and then start the 2nd, which opens usb loader gx. If i start with the 2nd, i get stuck on the "Loading USB device" screen. Now, in usb loader gx, many games dont work: they appear in shades of black and white. The screen is also flashing very quickly... enough to make you seasick pretty fast. But some games work perfectly fine...
    okay, so I have many problems, but where should I start to fix them? I've seen an application that outputs the summary of your system settings... should I do that? I'm afraid to make things even worst and while reading your post I realized I have not made backups of NAND files as I should have... help!

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    You could post a syscheck but you probably need to re-mod your wii.
    Here's a guide

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    +1 update your wii using that guide.

    As for the black/white/flashing issue. That sounds like a ntsc/pal issue. Use your USB loader to force the game to match your console.


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