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Thread: wii 4.3u softmode dont play game from harddrive

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    wii 4.3u softmode dont play game from harddrive

    hello guys i softmode my wii a few days ago, i could rip game to the hd but when attenting to play it i only get black screen i used a ntf partition on a maxtor harddrive and it doesnt work i try a wbfs partition and i could play wii sport resort but other games i couldnt play it from hard drive iam stock what else i can do
    not loading game ( nba2k11, mlb2k11, mario wii, star wars the force unleashed to i can play all those game from the dvd but not from hard drive i could load then to the drive but i can play them

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    Do you have the latest cIOS installed? When was the last time you updated the cIOS?

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    i used the softmode any wii guy for the newby i did it 6 days ago

    is there anythin else i have to do intead of folowing what the guide say
    thanks for your help
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    which hard drive are u using? try fat32 and use the guide

    copy paste the syscheck here

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    thank you for your help the hard drive was the problem i was using the wd scorpio black them i bough the wd scorpio red and it was working fing with all the game but now i have a new problem whenever i load the hard drive the screen star to move with out me doing anythin and dont aloud me to play game what shal i do


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