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Thread: "Install a File" message in USB Loader GX

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    "Install a File" message in USB Loader GX

    Hi. I just softmodded using the Softmod any Wii Guide. I ran into trouble installing Priiloader that same night, but was able to install it the next day for whatever reason. I have Priiloader set to autoboot USB Loader GX. A couple times when selecting a game from the external hard drive to play in USB Loader GX, the game does not start, but a message pops us saying "Install a File". After cancelling, the game will load. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

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    After looking into this further, this may be popping up because the + at the bottom left corner of the game list may have accidentally been selected which causes the "Install a Game" message to pop up. I am guessing this is what happened, but I believe that a similar message "Install a File" had come up before without pressing the +.


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