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Thread: Questions about modchip

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    Questions about modchip

    I've had a D2Pro9 V3 for a while now, but haven't updated the system. I also have never been able to play a retail game since installing my chip. I haven't screwed around with the Wii in a long time and would like some help with these.

    If I update the system will I stop getting prompted for updates from my retail discs? I did a softmode for some nintendo store games, do I have to do anything special before updating or can I just update it and it will revert everything to as if it were a stock system (with the exception of the modchip)?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    well i think there is no way you can brick your wii if you update from the wii settings,just upgrade then soft mod it with the letter bomb (hack<<EXTERNAL LINK REMOVED>>) and install the usb loader,that way every time you get retail games you can burn them on the hd with the usb loader.
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    @Haralampos - Actually, updating the system menu, through an update or any other way carries some risk, however small, of bricking. Also, please do not link to any external guides here. We have enough troubles supporting our own guides, without having to support other folks.

    @DJKrafty - I have the same modchip you do. When softmodding became more stable, I softmodded, leaving the modchip in. The best advice I could offer would be to follow the softmod any wii guide (in my sig). Priiloader is configured in there to block updates.

    Good luck!


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