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Thread: Is there ANY possible way to play GC backups with a new Wii?

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    Is there ANY possible way to play GC backups with a new Wii?

    Well, I need to know if there is any possible way a all to play GC backups on a new Wii (without using a WODE or Flatzii). I've found tutorials on a DML but I totally got lost on every single one and apparently the source files have been discontinued. I just don't know what to do about this. Also, I currently own two Wii's, but I don't use my oldest one (which would probably work play burned discs) because the DVD drive gave out on me. I might sound lazy about not just going out to buy a WODE or something, but keep in mind that I really don't know all that much and I'm scared about taking my Wii apart. So thanks for any help.

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    At the moment u will not be able to

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