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Thread: Which is faster, SDHC or USB Flash Drive for games and emulators?

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    Which is faster, SDHC or USB Flash Drive for games and emulators?

    I'm looking at either purchasing a high capacity SDHC (I have already softmodded my Wii) or a USB flash drive to boot my emulators and games from. Which method is faster allowing for the smoothest gameplay and least stuttering? Alternatively, I have a FAT32 formatted 1TB externally powered hard drive, would that be the fastest method? That said, I'm looking at the SDHC and USB flash because they are more compact and efficient to use.

    From experience, I also acknowledge the brand will heavily influence performance, but is it well-known that either an SDHC card or a USB flash drive gives the best performance for playing games?

    Any insight or advice is much appreciated, thank you very much.

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    This is how most people have their Wii's set up and they have no problems.

    • USB hard drive for backup loading for Wii games. (storage capacity and speed)
    • Emulators/roms and homebrew apps on SDHC. (less issues when put on SDHC card)
    • Gamecube games on SDHC, because that's the only way you can load them off storage. (A Class 10 (Fast Read/Write) SDHC card is recommended)
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