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Thread: USB Loader not recognizing 2nd Partition

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    USB Loader not recognizing 2nd Partition

    So I modded my wii....yadayada. anyways. i have two partitions with over 400 games on each. the first partition will load the games and play them. the second partition will display the games but they won;t load. actually it just freezes the whole system. any help is appreciated,

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    Which format are these partitions?
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    i followed the softmod guide completely. i used my brothers 2tb drive and just copied everythign over to another 2 tb drive. i of course had to partition each drive so i could get 400 games on each. so i used wbfs. like i said when you load up the program you see the titles and there covers but the games just won;t boot from the one drive.

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    my brother got it. no clue how. anyone help me get the drive to play games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mario365 View Post
    my brother got it. no clue how. anyone help me get the drive to play games?
    I use 2 partitions with USB Loader GX. One FAT32 and the other NTFS for certain games like Xenoblade that cant play correctly chopped into pieces. My FAT32 has 305 games on it, all load and run fine.. I'd suggest trying to reformat your second partition to either NTFS or FAT32.

    Off topic: 400 games on EACH... does that mean you have around 800 Wii titles on your 2tb? That is excellent.. I am jealous, actually. Here I am thinking I've got a collection with 300 LOL.
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    try to change in the game settings the ios to 222 , 223 or 224 mload
    save and try again

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    why would i refotmat to fat 32 if i have to wbfs format it to load the games on to it? trying to better understand.

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    Because you don't necessarily need to use the wbfs format anymore. You can use any of the backup managers to convert them to a .wbfs file and play those from a normal FAT32 or NTFS partition.

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    how would you reformat without erasing games?


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