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Thread: Wii Backup Manager ISO to WBFS problem

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    Wii Backup Manager ISO to WBFS problem

    I tried searching, but I couldn't find any other threads concerning my specific problem.

    I'm kind of new at softmodding, but I successfully got USB Loader GX working last night, but I am having a weird problem. ISOs copied to my NTFS HDD work just fine, as do WBFS files created via USB Loader GX. However, when I create a WBFS file with Wii Backup Manager, the game will not load and I am left with a black screen and I have to do a hard reset. I'd use my original discs, but they are too scratched to hell for the wii to even recognize them :/

    Is there maybe another program I can use to convert an ISO to WBFS or compress the ISO into a file that USB Loader GX can read aside from Wii Backup Manager or WBFS Manager (don't want to reformat my HDD)?

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    You should not have to convert an ISO to WBFS with WBM, as it automatically converts it during transfer.
    If this is what you are doing, perhaps you might want to check your settings.

    FAT32/NTFS tab:

    > naming style
    >> Title_[GameID]

    > WBFS split style
    >> 4 GB

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    I know it does it automatically. But for some reason, the WBFS file WBM creates never works for me. Even when I play around with the settings I get no success. My games do work fine if I just use the iso and manually create the respective sub directories. The only problem with that is that each game takes up more space and I would like to have as much free space as possible.


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