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Thread: new Wii, 4.3E, banner-brick? NO backups, NO preloader or bootmii installed,

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    4.3E, banner-brick? NO preloader or bootmii installed (solved via smashhack)


    i hope you guys here are able to helb me, or at least clear some things up...

    i have a black Wii with 4.3E here.
    A guy tried to install the homebrew channel, he couldnīt really tell me how, or what he has done...

    Wii boots, after the health message it only says a problem with the systemfiles or missing/damaged systemfiles, something like that (banner-brick?)

    The owner told me, that he messed it up by installing a mplayer0.7_channel.wad ( i dont know what it is)

    NO nand backups, NO preloader or bootmii installed, nothing.

    Recovery-Menu works, shows me 4.3E (its an european console)

    I changed the drive with an older one + sunkey modchip
    No backup game i have here would boot from recovery-menu, 4.3E message down right disappears, then blackscreen.

    I tried various autoboot discs, but since the wii has not patched cios (or whatever it is called) no success.

    ANy ideas? Any chances of recovery?
    Thank you very much.
    I am a really noob with wii-softmods, just done chip installs all the time.
    But I read much tuts and stuff, whole day now, but no really sollution came to my mind.
    Perhaps there is no solution?

    Shouldīt this Wii boot backups from the recovery-menu? (chip installed, D2C Drive)

    i just managed to boot a autoboot-patched version of rabbits go home.
    What to do next?
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    Do you happen to have access to the wad that bricked you? Regardless, take a look HERE.

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    yes, i have the wad.

    i know the thread you linked, but most of it was useless for me.

    My sollution was:

    burned ssbb patched as autoboot
    booted it with chip, from recovery-mode

    did the smashhack
    installed HBC, bootmii as ios and priiloader

    i deleted the mplayer0.7_channel.wad with the yammw wadmanager from the homebrew-channel.

    quite easy, if you know what to do...
    i did not, and it took me whole night to achive it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iglitare View Post
    My sollution was:

    burned ssbb patched as autoboot
    booted it with chip, from recovery-mode
    Hi, could you please tell me what chip do you used to fix it?

    Because with the Sunkey Lite + SaveMii the mario kart autoboot that I burn still in the same sector trying to reading.



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