So, for some reason as of yesterday.... it seems that none of my Homebrew USB Loaders will initialize my network. HBC and FtpMii will.

I attempted clearing my folders and trying from fresh zips that were working originally don't seem to be.

I did run back through the Softmod any Wii guide (just to make sure that nothing had gotten corrupted to cause this). And still no dice.

Any ideas/suggestions?


On a side note... I'll make another thread if necessary...
Is there anyone out there who's been able to recompile FtpMii with the newer devkit/libs for better USB support and new wiimote support? I've tried to recompile it, and I get numerous failures during the compile. However, the last FtpMii (FtpMii0.021) that I could find online doesn't find my USB drive.
Or is there another app out there that provides ftp or smb access to the USB drive? I also tried WiiXplorer, but I cannot get that to compile either.