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Thread: Really need to format HDD?

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    Really need to format HDD?


    I've read the tutorials here of setting up the Wii with a usb hdd. The thing is i only have one, wich is full of backups i kinda need, so is it really necessary to format it or i can just ad the Wii games in there and there wont be a problem? (Its formated in NTFS)

    Also if i need to format it, can i then make some folders to backup stuff on it? (Didnt really want to format it as Fat32 because of the size file limitation)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Take a look at this:

    You shouldnt have to format the HDD - skip that part and just focus on loading the games.

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    Thx i had seen a diferentent thread not that one. I really need to use a program like Wii backup manager to pass the iso to the Hdd? I thought i just had to copy paste it to the HDD.

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    You can just copy and paste if you want to. The nice thing about WiiBackup Manager is it can verify your rips are good and it also keeps the file structure and naming organized.

    EDIT: Also, it can remove the update partition, making most of your games a LOT smaller in size.

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    ohh ok. Ill use it then. Thank you both for the help!

    Doubt Solved


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