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Thread: Problem Loading Channel

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    Problem Loading Channel

    This is the first time i've ever tried to hack something, so i'm kinda frustrated right now. I've done the twilight hack successfully, and then it goes to the HomeBrew Browser. So I download a few apps and stuff and then i can't get off the browser (keep in mind i still haven't gotten to the channel, all guides act as if it goes straight there). I found a way to get off (the home button) but when i reboot the wii, the channel isn't there, i have to re-copy the twilight hack to the wii memory, but all the downloaded things are still downloaded the next time i go to the HomeBrew Browser.

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    odd, but dont use homebrew browser its not that much of a needed program, is putting the files

    root: apps/whatever you want to call it folder/boot.dol

    that hard?


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