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Thread: Hardware issue: Strange high-pitched noise after playing for a few minutes

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    Question Hardware issue: Strange high-pitched noise after playing for a few minutes

    Well, this is my first post, I do apologize in advance if this is in the wrong location. I recently purchased a used Wii from GameStop, softmodded it using the mauifrogs guide (fantastic guide btw) and everything is fantastic. Only problem is, startinwhile playing a game, or watching netflix, after about 10 minutes or so there is a very high-pitched noise that fades in and out. Everything continues to function just fine, the noise just drives me and my wife a bit nuts. I'm guessing that it is a capacitor that is under load, but I have had a Wii previously and it never had this problem.

    I'm just trying to figure out if anyone else has had this problem. And most importantly if I have a dud, i only have a few days left to re-virginize and take it back.

    Any advice, suggestions, etc.. are greatly appreciated. If any additional detail is needed just let me know.

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    That is definitely not normal. Sounds like a dud Wii to me.

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    no brainer.....take it back..
    The only thing i fear is........ RUST

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