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Thread: easy question help if you can ^_^

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    Question easy question help if you can ^_^

    OK so i followed this guide

    and i followed i as it said. for some odd reason there is no load from DML option in neogamma. and i tried using CFG and not sure where to select the DML there either.

    does the option only appear after successfully installing the DMLmios correctly? i used the wad manager and everything as i would when soft modding my wii.

    selected under wad manager > load ios249 > nand emulation : disabled > selected the wad and installed.

    maybe i did it wrong thats the way i remember doing it in the past.

    thank you kindly for any assistance i might get. im excited to test my game cube games out on my wii. seeing as my disc drive in my wii wont allow for burnt back ups and my GC died last month i really want to get this DML via SD working.

    thanks again everyone and im glad to see the community is still thriving.

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    and i got my answer. silly me for some reason the link provided gave me an older version of neogamma. it was 52 and should of been 55+ ah well live and learn.


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