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Thread: Can I remove the twilight hack off my wii?

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    Can I remove the twilight hack off my wii?

    Hi there, I have searched all over the net and have found 2 answers to my question which contradict each other, what I want to do is to play zelda TPnow I have the hombrew channel installed everything is working, now I did read a post if you delete the TP hack off the wii it will brink your wii, another answrr says yes you can delete it.

    so can I delete the twilight hack off the wii? or is there another way I can play TP and keep the TP hack on my wii?

    any help on clearing this up is greatly appreciated

    many thanks

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    u can but i wouldnt

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    so if I leave the TP hack on my wii how do I play zelda I am afraid it will brick it

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    cant you make a new save xD, or you can just delete it

    if you get a banner brick, without a modchip you need that to fix it in most cases

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    I wont try it, an old saying if it aint broke dont fix it thanks anyway

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    Once you have the Homebrew Channel installed you can delete the zelda hack save game from your Wii - I have. Just for the record, I'm running 3.3E (not that that should make any difference)
    Personally, I've left the hack save game on my SD card just in case I need it again - it doesn't take up much room.

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    I deleted mine...running 3.2E. No problems so far. I've run about 20 different backups, emulators, wiiwares and VC games and everything works perfectly. Zelda works just fine to play.


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