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Thread: CFG not loading with HDD

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    CFG not loading with HDD

    Ok i am trying to use my hard drive to play games but when i load CFG it wont load it just stays on the main screen. Now when i unplug the hard drive and plug it on the top usb it loads and says that it doesn't recognize it, when i unplug it and plug it to the bottom of the usb it recognize it and loads the games some games will play some don't. its is a big inconvenience doing this every time my kids want to play. does anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be?

    Thank you with ur help

    i have a toshiba 500gb model # e05a050cau3xw

    ok base on the info from

    it is compatible with my wii. i have the Toshiba 500GB USB 2.0/3.0 Canvio Portable Hard Drive

    Sorry if i didnt post in the right place its my 1st time.
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