I've been reading posts on this site for awhile now as I enjoy modding my Wii quite a bit and the people on this site often have the answers to every problem I come across (Now I can finally thank them .) But I've come across a problem that seemingly no one else has ever come across, luckily for them. I was doing some basic mods to the iso of Monster Hunter Tri, specifically I was importing JP weapon files into the US iso to change the way they looked for me. I know this isn't the correct place to discuss this so I won't go into detail, just wanted to follow the rules and introduce myself before I post my problem in the correct areas (as I've seen many people skip this step and get scolded lol).

This is a great site and I wished that I would've joined sooner but I didn't feel the need to until I caused serious damage to my Wii (selfish me lol). Anyway, that's all! Thanks for all the help you've (unknowingly) given me in the past and hopefully continue to give me.