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Thread: CoD: Cheaters?

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    CoD: Cheaters?

    Just got myself a classic pro controller so I could actually put my CoD titles to use and am wondering how the community is on Wii.. a lot of cheating.. minimal cheating? Noticed some rage threads about hacks being used online (not my gig). Also, from someones personal experience is the FPS more enjoyable via BO or MW3..? or WaW for that matter. Thanks!

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    The cheating is a big problem on the wii

    I believe (I could be wrong) that I am the highest ranking non-cheater in free for all; my name is "prof nutbutter" and I am ranked about 100
    eveyone else on the leaderboard has way less kills than me and appears to have hacked their scores. You know cheating is a big problem when they can't even ban the flagerant abusers that cheated to get on top of the leaderboard. Its not even subtle either. the top people have like 200 kills, I have about 50,000

    As for the FPS....if you use the LAN adapter instead of the built in wifi you will get a better connection.

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    I've been on them both the past couple days and, like you said - it seems every other lobby has cheaters in it. Killstreaks going off at start of round, across the map knifing etc. I don't quite understand the point in playing these games with cheats.. kind of takes away the entire purpose. I would be even more bored cheating and winning with 50/0 then loosing 2/15 against cheats. Sad times for wii's online play. It cannot be that difficult to enable some kind of anti cheat system. I hope that they do something about cheating on the Wii U at least.

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    Thanks Guys for your input. I'm an old guy enjoying wii WAW BO & MW3, I'm not too clued up regarding the kill streaks stuff but you have enlightened me somewhat. I often wondered why everyone was getting care packages etc. right at the start. I'm slowly working my way up the rankings Shadow21 lots of practice on combat training BO deathmatch, And I thought that was how you honed your skills. Well I guess OLD guys and technology sometimes spells Ignorance.

    keep smiling. & Enjoy.


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