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Thread: Rename Games

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    Rename Games

    Pretty straightforward question, how do I go about renaming a game?

    I have folders on my external HDD, such as (Game Title) (Game ID) - I renamed the folder itself and that worked. But I would like to be able to add : in the game name, and windows does not allow that.

    Is there a way to rename the game via Wii Backup Manager? I double clicked on the game name after enabling custom titles, but it had no effect. Did I do something incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I dont use wii backup manager so cant say for sure this works but take a look at this thread

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    I followed all of that and still the same result.

    In Wii Backup Manager it's all named how I want, but when I look at the games in USB Loader GX, it's named as the folders.

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    So...does anyone know why it's not showing up on my Wii the way it's named in Wii Backup Manager?


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