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Thread: A very new Newbie - Need a guide how to manage my wii

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    A very new Newbie - Need a guide how to manage my wii


    Bought an old wii for my son!
    Problem is he is too little to hack it so I got to do the job...
    Read through the forum but got more confused than before.

    some old games can run from the CD but new downloaded games cannot even be read by the Wii.
    Guitar hero that used to work, stopped working somehow...

    Can someone please guide me:
    1. should I upgrade the system?
    2. How can I update the Wii with the updated hacking stuff? I guess I need a USB Loader but which one?

    Just need it to run the games.

    Our Wii is 4 years old and has a chip (not sure if it's a D2C or D2Pro)
    the system is 3.4E.

    Please help...

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    but new downloaded games
    Arrr Matey!! No Pirating be going on around here!!


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